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NOTE: Although the OAGS is comprised of 14 board members, only half are up for election on staggered years.

UPDATE: The next OAGS Board Election is slated for November 6, 2021 during the 27th OAGS Annual Meeting. The deadline for nominations is 2 weeks prior (October 22, 2021). There is no limit of candidates who can apply, but only 7 candidates will ultimately be elected/acclaimed for this year. Terms begin January of new year. Nominees can apply here.


  1. Dr. Peter Dauphinee - incumbent
  2. Dr. Tim Jackson - incumbent
  3. Dr. Kevin Lefebvre - incumbent
  4. Dr. Ken Leslie - incumbent
  5. Dr. Jennifer Macmillan- incumbent
  6. Dr. Husein Moloo - incumbent
  7. Dr. Joel Weaver - incumbent
  8. other candidates....
Website/Details www.oags.org www.oma.org
Election Date November March
Facilitator OAGS OMA
Location OAGS Annual Meeting
Virtual(usually Toronto hotel)
None (facilitated via mail, email, fax)
Voting Privileges Only Active/Associate OAGS Members can vote. All Primary OMA Section on General Surgery Members can vote.
Deadline for Nominations (2wks before election) (6wks before election)
Nomination Requirements
  • must be an OAGS member
  • must be RCPSC-certified
  • must have 2 OAGS member nominator signatures
  • must be an OMA Section Primary Member
  • must have 3 nominator signatures who are primary members of the OMA Section on General Surgery
Duties and Expectations
  • must be able to attend all or majority of 3 Saturday all-day board meetings in Toronto each year
  • must be willing to be involved in one or more committees
  • must fulfill 2yr term with option to renew up to 10yr maximum
  • must try to attend and help facilitate the annual meeting
  • must be able to attend all or majority of 3 Saturday all-day board meetings in Toronto each year
  • must be willing to be involved in one or more committees
  • must fulfill 1yr term
  • must try to attend and help facilitate the annual meeting
Number of Positions Directors: 14
(Only 7 spots at a time are up for election)
Executive: 6
OMA Council: 3 delegates, 1 alternate
Length of Term 2 Years
(half of the board positions are up for election on
staggered years to ensure fluidity of transition)
2 Years
Are Officer Positions Voted Upon by Members? No (the elected board votes on the officer positions); members just vote on the executive/board positions.
Current OAGS Board Officers
  1. President - Dr. Tim Jackson
  2. Past President - Dr. n/a
  3. Vice President - Dr. Kevin Lefebvre
  4. Treasurer - Dr. Jennifer Macmillan
  5. Secretary - Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett
2-Year Staggered Terms: (calendar year)
  1. Dr. Luke Bui, Toronto
  2. Dr. Peter Dauphinee, Barrie
  3. Dr. Tim Jackson, Toronto
  4. Dr. Kevin Lefebvre, Stratford
  5. Dr. Ken Leslie, London
  6. Dr. Jennifer Macmillan, Huntsville
  7. Dr. Sean McIlreath, Belleville
  8. Dr. Husein Moloo, Ottawa
  9. Dr. Scott Rieder, Kingston
  10. Dr. Ravinder Singh, North Bay
  11. Dr. Andrew Smith, Thunder Bay
  12. Dr. Eric Touzin, Sioux Lookout
  13. Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett, London
  14. Dr. Joel Weaver, Ottawa

Officer positions are chosen by the board.

Current OMA Executive

2 Year Term:

  1. Interim Chair:Dr. Kevin Lefebvre
  2. Vice Chair: Dr. Eric Touzin
  3. Tariff Chair: Dr. Kevin Lefebvre
  4. Secretary: Dr. Scott Rieder
  5. Member-at-Large: Dr. Sundeep Rai
  6. Member-at-Large: Dr. Andrew Smith

OMA Council Delegates(2) and Alternates(4)
  • Delegate: Dr. Kevin Lefebvre
  • Delegate: Dr. Scott Rieder
  • Delegate: Dr. Andrew Smith
  • Alternate: Dr. Sundeep Rai
Contact Person Lori Quilty, Exec Assistant/Coordinator
Ontario Association of General Surgeons (OAGS)
Email: info@oags.org
Phone: 1-877-717-7765
OMA, Public & Corporate Affairs
Phone: 1-800-268-7215
Fax: 416.340.2244
Web: https://www.oma.org/sections/about/elections/
By-Laws and Rules & Regulations OAGS By-laws Part 1 (1996), Part 2,
Part 3, Part 4
drafted and held by Cappellacci DaRoza LLP
Contact OMA Legal Dept.

As of November 3, 2012, the following changes were passed for OAGS bylaws:
Motion 1 - "That the bylaws be changed to specify that 'A director whose term has expired shall be eligible for re-election, up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive terms." - Carried.
Motion 2 - "That the board members propose to the membership that there be a 2-week deadline for any new nominations before the annual meeting election." - Carried.
Clarification: There was a concern about Resident Reps who graduated and wanted to run for election after their term ended. It was clarified that since a Res Rep is not a designated board member, their 5-term maximum as board member would not be affected. Furthermore, the bylaws do allow the board the right to waive or extend terms under special circumstances.

Although the Ontario Association of General Surgeons (OAGS) and the OMA Section on General Surgery are separate entities, the two bodies share a common goal of being a voice for General Surgeons in Ontario. Up until 2011, they had also shared the same election at the Annual Meeting as well as the same executive/board of directors for years.

Commencing in the fall of 2011, however, the OMA took over the facilitation of elections of each section executive. The OAGS will continue with its own separate election of its board members during the usual proceedings at the OAGS Annual Meeting. While the elections will now be separate, it is hoped that the two will continue to share the same representatives and coordinate the same meetings to discuss similar items of interest, particularly billing and fee allocation. Currently, the OMA Section hosts several shared board meetings with the OAGS to discuss General Surgery matters at the OMA headquarters throughout the year, while the OAGS (with the help of membership dues and sponsorship) hosts and funds not only the CME accredited OAGS Annual Meeting but also The Cutting Edge Newsletter and the OAGS website. The current OAGS /Section executives hope this collaboration will continue.

Details OAGS OMA Section
Nomination Form OAGS FORM OMA Election Page (gated)
Nomination Deadline 2 wks prior to Annual Meeting (extended to 1 week prior) Nov-Jan (tentative)
Election Date Annual Meeting Feb-Mar (tentative)
Responsibilities and Duties www.oags.org/election.html OMA Election Page (gated)

OAGS (Attn. Nominating Committee)
Email: info@oags.org
Phone: 705-745-5621
Post: OAGS, Station Main, PO Box 192, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8

OMA Elections
OMA, Public & Corporate Affairs
Phone: 1-800-268-7215 ext.6189
Email: elections@oma.org


It is important to understand the relationship between the OAGS and the OMA Section on General Surgery.

Please visit the section on "About Us" or http://www.oags.org/about-section.html