28th OAGS Annual Meeting (2022)

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Virtual 27th OAGS Annual Meeting (2021) &
Continued Winter Webinar Series

Thank you to all our guest speakers, sponsors and of course, our members for supporting our recent virtual annual meeting (Nov/2021).  It was greatly appreciated.  We had a great turnout.

Did you miss it the first time or wish to watch it again?   Our platform and session recordings will be available until August, 2022.  If you already have your UN/PW assigned to you by the platform, continue to use them.  If you have not yet registered, it's not too late!

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Winter Webinar Series...






2021 Prize Draws

Free 2022 OAGS Annual Memberships will be awarded to 1 Active/Associate OAGS Member and 1 Resident/Fellow Member who collect the highest gamification points during the Virtual OAGS 27th Annual Meeting - Nov. 5-6.

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2021 OAGS Annual Meeting Evaluations

2021 Meeting Evaluation-General Feedback: Coming Soon

2021 Guest Speaker Evaluations:
Must be completed after viewing each individual live/recorded session in order to collect CME credits.

New Annual Meeting Website: download

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Note: Everyone MUST register in advance if they wish to participate in the Virtual annual meeting - regardless of membership status. Current members were emailed individual promo codes (mid September) to use when registering in order to avoid paying again.  If you did not receive a promo code, you may not have renewed your dues. You can pay your dues and register all at once on the annual meeting website.

Annual Meeting Admission Rates



OAGS Member - Active Surgeon (ON)

$395 (includes membership)

OAGS Member - Inactive General Surgeon (ON)

$200 (includes membership

OAGS Member - Resident/Fellow (ON)

$50 (includes membership

Non-Member Surgeon/Out-of-Province/Industry


Non-Member -Physician Assistant


Non-Member -Resident/Fellow


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OAGS Election: Board of Directors

APPLY NOW - nomination deadline Oct. 22

This is a staggered election in which only half of the 14-person board stands for re-election every second year and the rest stand every other year. It will occur during the 27th OAGS Annual Meeting.

Tentative Candidate Slate:
OAGS Board Members Up for Re-election for 2-Year Staggered Term: (Jan.2022-Dec.2023)

Note: Any number of candidates can run, but only 7 candidates can be voted onto the board this year. In addition to any new nominations, 7 board members up for re-election will also be running again (see below). Deadline for nominations is Oct. 22. Scroll down for more details and requirements.

  1. Dr. Peter Dauphinee, Barrie - incumbent
  2. Dr. Tim Jackson, Toronto - incumbent
  3. Dr. Kevin Lefebvre, Stratford - incumbent
  4. Dr. Ken Leslie, London - incumbent
  5. Dr. Jennifer Macmillan, Huntsville - incumbent
  6. Dr. Husein Moloo, Ottawa - incumbent
  7. Dr. Joel Weaver, Ottawa - incumbent
  8. new candidates...

Original Details:

Election Date: Saturday, November 6 @ 12:20pm

Nomination Deadline: Friday, October 22 (2 wks prior)

Election Location: Virtual OAGS Annual Meeting

Nomination Form: Click here

Nomination Requirements:

  • Actively practising General Surgery in Ontario
  • Current OAGS Active Member
  • 2 confirmed supporting nominees who are also current OAGS Active Members
  • Have an interest in professional and healthcare policy

More Details: election

New Annual Meeting Website: download

Additional Non-Accredited Symposia

New Annual Meeting Website: download

The following symposia are complimentary to those attending the 27th OAGS Annual Meeting. Please note that these symposia ARE NOT CME-ACCREDITED.

Friday, November 5, 2021 (4pm-5pm)
Platinum Session

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Excellence Session: MDFM Investment & Retirement - How Has Covid Changed Things - Time to Assess?
3rd Annual MDFM/OAGS Resident Symposium: Transition to Practice (scroll down for agenda)

AGENDA:  Transition to Practice  (1:20apm-3:20pm)

  • 1:20pm-1:25pm - Welcome - Dr. Tyler McKechnie, OAGS Res Rep
  • MDFM (1:25-1:45) - Investing vs Paying Off Debt – Elina Pacu  
  • Billing 101 (1:45-2:00) - Dr. Morgan McWilliam, Stratford
  • Finding a job/locum (2:00-2:15) - Dr. Scott Rieder, Kingston
  • Starting a practice (2:15-2:30) - Dr. Marisa Louridas, Toronto 
  • Academic vs. Community Practices  (2:30pm-3pm)
    • Community - Dr. Janelle Rekman, Renfrew (2:30pm-2:45pm) 
    • Academic - Dr. Brittany Dingley, Ottawa  (2:45pm-3:00pm)
  • Q&A  (3:00-3:20)