Payment: Annual Dues, Other Fees & Donations

NOTE: Renewing your dues does not automatically register you for the annual meeting in the fall. You can apply for membership/update contact information/register for the annual meeting online HERE. To be an OAGS member, you must be currently practising/living/training within Ontario. If you are located outside of the province/country and want to attend the annual meeting, you must register/pay as a "Non-Member" category. Click here for member requirements and benefits.

2020 Membership Dues & Annual Meeting Admission Rates (Jan1-Dec.31, 2020)


Early Bird Rate

Rate After Oct.1

OAGS Member - Active Surgeon (ON)

$400 (includes membership)


OAGS Member - Inactive General Surgeon (ON)

$200 (includes membership


OAGS Member - Resident/Fellow (ON)

$50 (includes membership


Non-Member Surgeon/Out-of-Province/Industry



Non-Member -Physician Assistant



Non-Member -Resident/Fellow




Credit Card payment method (online)

(RCPSC certified)

(includes Annual meeting Admission)

Members: Pay Your Annual Dues Here (Jan1-Dec.31, 2020)*

Member should be RCPS(C) certified (or equivalent thereof)
This payment does not automatically register you for the Annual Meeting; you have to RSVP online separately.
REMEMBER: If paying for another person, please include instructions when completing your payment information to indicate for whom the payment is being made.

2020 OAGS Dues Categories

Name of Member if not payor

Annual Meeting Admission fee (Nonmembers)

(non-RCPSC certified)

NonMember Member Meeting Admission: * REQUIRES RSVP

Surgeons who are NOT RCPSC-certified and/or practising/living outside of Ontario.
This is a private certified meeting for professionals only. Attendees must be surgeons, physician assistants, residents, fellows or invited guests.
NOTE: If you have RCPSC certification or already enrolled in an Ontario residency/fellowship program, see member option above. ALSO, if you are paying for someone else, please include instructions when completing your payment information to indicate for whom the payment is being made.

2020 Annual Meeting Admission Fee

Name(s) of Attendee(s)


Annual Meeting BANQUET FEE

Members & NonMembers: $100/person Banquet Fee (2020)*

REQUIRES RSVP - Tentatively Pending
NOTE: General Surgeons, Residents/Fellows, exhibitors, and invited guests ONLY; RSVPs required in advance.


ADDITIONAL: General Donation For Research/Data Collection Endeavours

NOTE: Non-denominational amount can be donated to the running of the OAGS - one time only or recurring. (Special projects may be created in the future.) Tax deductible receipts will be mailed after the current fiscal year.

Register and pay well in advance before October 1 to avoid an additional $50 service fee.
NOTE: If you're uncertain whether you've paid yet, please call the office first: 705-745-5621 / 1-877-717-7765.

2020 - OAGS Membership (Jan.1 - Dec.31, 2020) & Other Annual Meeting Fees
There are 3 methods of payment listed below for dues and other fees:

  • Cheque (mail): Please make cheque payable to the "OAGS". (mail to: Attn. Treasury, Ontario Association of General Surgeons, P.O. Box 192, Station Main, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y8).
  • Phone - Credit Card: We now take payment over the phone as well (Visa/MC only) 1-877-717-7765 / 705-745-5621.
  • Online Credit Card (PayPal Only): You can pay online yourself via our website using PayPal. You can make a one-time payment and are NOT required to create a PayPal account, unless you wish to do so. Choose the correct category in the dropdown menu below, click "Add to Cart" and you will be taken to the PayPal website to do a secure transaction. If you want to include another fee below, then click "Continue Shopping" on the PayPal site to close the tab and return to this page, otherwise you can check out. If you do not have a PayPal account, just click "Check Out" rather than "Check Out With PayPal". Major credit cards are acceptable - Canadian currency ONLY. Also, if you are paying multiple memberships or for someone other than yourself, be sure to clarify and provide further details in your PayPal shopping cart form before you submit it. *

Membership Application & Annual Meeting Pre-registration: Online Form
Annual Meeting Details: