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 OAGS President, Dr. Alice Wei, MD, CM, MSc, FRCSC, FACS (2016-current)
•Associate Professor, Department of Surgery & Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
•Lead, Quality & Knowledge Transfer, Surgical Oncology Program, Cancer Care Ontario
•Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)
•Assistant Professor of Surgery, Departments of Surgery & Health, Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
•General Surgeon, HPB Oncology, Toronto General Hospital

 Dr. Alice Wei, formerly from Saskatchewan, is a Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) surgical oncologist at the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario. She received her BSc (Chemistry) and MDCM degrees from McGill University, her General Surgery fellowship from the University of Toronto, and her HPB fellowship from the Toronto General Hospital. In addition, she holds MSc degrees in both Cell Biology and Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Toronto. Dr. Wei is appointed to the University Health Network (UHN), where she is a Clinician-Scientist. She has an active practice in HPB oncology at the Toronto General Hospital and has spearheaded the development of an advanced laparoscopic HPB surgery program at UHN. Dr. Wei's research program is in the area of clinical outcomes following cancer surgery. Her active research projects include: establishment of a provincial registry of HPB surgical disease; clinical trials in the area of surgical management of multi-site colorectal metastases; and the development of quality improvement strategies for cancer surgery.

An OAGS Board Member since 2011, Dr. Wei has held several officer positions such as Secretary, Vice President and most recently succeeding Dr. Chris Vinden as OAGS President as of February 6, 2016. In addition to this, she is also OMA Section Secretary. Although the OAGS board and Section executive are separate entities, both strive to work in tandem and share the same board meetings and annual meeting. While the Section executive is consulted during MSPC/tariff discussions with the OMA, the OAGS board works with the Section executive as well. It is the OAGS, however, which solely funds and organizes a CPD-accredited Annual Meeting, The Cutting Edge newsletter, this OAGS website, monthly e-blast updates, communications and more.

Source: UHN

February 6, 2016
Standing L-R: Dr. Husein Moloo, Dr. Tim Jackson (OAGS Secretary), Dr. Sean McIlreath, Dr. Harshad Telang (Vice President), Dr. Kevin Lefebvre (OAGS Treasurer), Dr. Jeff Kolbasnik (OMA Past Section Chair), Dr. Patrick Murphy (OAGS Resident Rep), Dr. Peter Dauphinee, Dr. Chris Vinden (OMA Section Chair/OAGS Past President).
Seated L-R: Dr. Eric Touzin, Dr. Ravinder Singh, Dr. Alice Wei (OAGS President), Dr. Jennifer Macmillan, Dr. Joel Weaver.
Missing: Dr. Luke Bui, Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett

OAGS Board Members *
title name city Current Term election yr
President (2016-) Dr. Alice Wei (e.2011) Toronto 4th 2018

Past President (2016-)/Section Chr

Dr. Chris Vinden (e.2006) London 5+ 2017
Vice President (2016-) Dr. Harshad Telang (e.2008) Thunder Bay 5th 2018
Secretary (2014-) Dr. Tim Jackson (e.2014) Toronto 2nd 2017
Treasurer (2016-) Dr. Kevin Lefebvre (e.2014) Stratford 2nd 2017
Member-at-Large Dr. Luke Bui (e.2017) Toronto 1st 2018
Member-at-Large Dr. Peter Dauphinee (e.2016) Barrie 1st 2017
Member-at-Large Dr. Jennifer Macmillan (e.2014) Huntsville 2nd 2017
Member-at-Large Dr. Sean McIlreath (e.2015) Belleville 2nd 2018
Member-at-Large Dr. Husein Moloo (e.2016) Ottawa 1st 2017
Member-at-Large Dr. Ravinder Singh (e.2015) North Bay 2nd 2018
Member-at-Large Dr. Eric Touzin (e.2013) Sioux Lookout 3rd 2018
Member-at-Large Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett (e.2017) Ottawa 1st 2018
Member-at-Large Dr. Joel Weaver (e.2014) Ottawa 2nd 2017
Resident Representative Dr. Patrick Murphy (e.2015-18) UWO PGY4 1st (3yr term) 2015-18

*OAGS BOARD ELECTION Nov.5, 2016: There was one nomination for each of the staggered board positions (7). With no other nominations received before the deadline 2 weeks prior to the election, there was no election during the OAGS business meeting on November 5, and the individuals nominated were acclaimed to their positions. The officer positions were appointed by the board at large during the winter board meeting (Feb.4/17) following the OAGS Annual Meeting Board Election.

*OAGS BOARD ELECTION 2017: The deadline for applications/nominations will be 2 weeks prior to the next OAGS Annual Meeting. For more details: www.oags.org/election.html .

BYLAW: As of November 3, 2012, the OAGS membership voted to approve the new Bylaw #4, an excerpt of which applies to the length of board terms. "A director whose term has expired shall be eligible for re-election, up to a maximum of five (5) consecutive terms in total. This term limit does not apply to officers of the Board, who may serve in an officer position for up to a maximum of four (4) years per position, irrespective of how long they have already served on the Board. These term limits can be extended by the Board, at their discretion, in exceptional circumstances."

OAGS Committee members
Economics & MSPC/Tariff Committee Dr. Kevin Lefebvre (Chair).
(Alternates: Section Chair (Dr. Vinden), Drs. T. Jackson, H. Telang, E. Touzin, A. Wei)
General Surgery Resource Committee
(Manpower Monitoring)
Drs. Chris Vinden (Chair), R. Singh, E. Touzin.
Consultants: ResRep, N.Ahmed.
Membership Committee (applications/standards) Drs. A. Wei, P. Dauphinee, H. Telang.
Consultant: ResRep.
Bylaws Committee Drs. Tim Jackson (Chair), C. Vinden, R. Singh. (Consulting: Dr. S.Chande)
Nominating Committee Drs. J. Kolbasnik, A. Maciver, C.Vinden. (past OAGS Presidents/Section Chairs)
Political Activity Committee Drs. P.Dauphinee, K.Lefebvre, R. Singh, H. Telang, C. Vinden, A. Wei.
Ad Hoc: CAGS Committee Drs. C. Vinden (Chair), T. Jackson, H. Moloo, JA Van Koughnett, A. Wei
Ad Hoc: Cancer Care Ontario Committee Drs. C. Vinden (Chair), P.Dauphinee, K. Lefebvre, S. McIlreath, J.Weaver.
Ad Hoc: College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario President (A. Wei), Section Chair (C.Vinden). (Consulting: Dr. S.Chande)
Ad Hoc: Newsletter Committee Drs. R.Singh, T.Jackson (Co-Managing Editors), President (Dr. A. Wei), Drs. C.Vinden. (Consulting: Dr. C.Kealy)
Ad Hoc: OMA Council Delegates Section Delegates: Drs. C. Vinden, A. Wei.
Alternates: Drs. T. Jackson, K.Lefebvre, J. Macmillan, H.Telang.
Ad Hoc: On-Call Committee Drs. S.McIlreath, H. Telang, E. Touzin, C. Vinden.
Ad Hoc: Peer Support Committee Dr. R.Singh (Chair/Point of Contact) and Executive At-Large depending on surgeon's preference/location/sub-specialization.
Ad Hoc: Program and Education Committee (AGM) Drs. K. Lefebvre (Chair), L.Bui, T. Jackson, J. Macmillan, H. Moloo, JA Van Koughnett, C. Vinden, A. Wei. Consultants: Drs. A. Maciver, N.Ahmed.
Ad Hoc: Quality Management Committee (i.e. NSQIP, ERAS) Drs. T. Jackson (Chair), P.Dauphinee, K. Lefebvre, J. Macmillan, H.Moloo, H.Telang, A.Wei.
Ad Hoc: Research Committee Drs. A. Wei (Chair), Past President (C.Vinden), T. Jackson, H.Moloo, J. Weaver. Consultants: ResRep.
Ad Hoc: Sponsorship/Exhibiting Committee Drs. J. Macmillan(Co-Chair), Chris Vinden (Co-Chair), L.Bui, T. Jackson, Kevin Lefebvre, , J.Weaver.