2019 Board Election

NOTE: Although the OAGS is comprised of 14 board members, only half are up for re-election on staggered years.
SAVE THE DATE: The next OAGS Board Election is slated for November 2, 2019 during the next OAGS Annual Meeting.
New Nominations: The deadline for nominations is 2 weeks prior to the election date - October 18, 2019. Online Application Form

OAGS Board Members Up for Re-election for 2-Year Staggered Term: (Jan.2020-Dec.2021)
Any number of candidates can run, but only 7 candidates can be voted onto the board this year. Seven board members up for re-election will be running again (see below), but new candidates are also welcome to run. Deadline for nominations is Oct. 18. Scroll down for more details and requirements.:

  1. Dr. Peter Dauphinee, Barrie - incumbent
  2. Dr. Tim Jackson, Toronto - incumbent
  3. Dr. Kevin Lefebvre, Stratford - incumbent
  4. Dr. Ken Leslie, London - incumbent
  5. Dr. Jennifer Macmillan, Huntsville - incumbent
  6. Dr. Husein Moloo, Ottawa - incumbent
  7. Dr. Joel Weaver, Ottawa - incumbent
  8. new candidates...

OAGS Board Election Notice:

  • Deadline for New Nominations is 2 wks prior (Fri., Oct. 18, 2019) - Online Form
  • Election Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 (OAGS Annual Meeting)
  • Time: 5pm
  • Place: Toronto Ballroom, Hilton Toronto Hotel, Business Meeting
  • Length of Term: 2 years commencing Jan.1, 2020
  • Requirements:
    • must be a current OAGS Active/Associate member
    • must be RCPSC-certified or equivalent therein
    • must have 2 current OAGS member nominator signatures - Active or Associate members
  • Duties & Responsibilities:
    • must be able to attend all or majority of 4 Saturday all-day board meetings in Toronto each year
    • must be willing to be involved in one or more OAGS committees
    • must fulfill a 2yr term with option to renew up to 5 terms or 10yr maximum
    • must try to attend and help facilitate the annual meeting
  • Nomination Form: Click here (must have 2 supporting nominators)
  • More Details: http://www.oags.org/about-elections.html; http://www.oags.org/about-board.html
  • Contact: info@oags.org; phone: 705-745-5621

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULTS: The last election was held on Nov.3, 2018 with a deadline of nominations 2 wks prior. There was one nomination for each of the staggered board positions (7). With no other nominations received before the deadline, there was no election during the OAGS business meeting on November 3, and the individuals nominated were acclaimed to their positions by a membership motion.

CONFIRMED: Recent Election Results (6 incumbents and 1 new )
2-Year Staggered Term Commencing: (Jan.2019-Dec.2020)

  1. Dr. Luke Bui, Richmond Hill - incumbent
  2. Dr. Sean McIlreath, Belleville - incumbent
  3. Dr. Ravinder Singh, North Bay - incumbent
  4. Dr. Harshad Telang, Thunder Bay - incumbent
  5. Dr. Eric Touzin, Sioux Lookout - incumbent
  6. Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett, London - incumbent
  7. Dr. Andrew Smith, Thunder Bay - NEW

Board Candidacy Biographies: TBA